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#CaptionNamePriceDate PostedExtras Details
1WTS - Israeli Thompson / Sten Su...Richard Garcia$265.0003/29/2017Details
2WTS Silencers! Thomas Liemohn$400 and up03/29/2017Details
3USGI M1 sight for 50 caliber M2H...Chris Ott$995.0003/28/2017Details
4HK 33 Billistics Registered rece...Tom Charron28,000.03/27/2017Details
5M134 MINI GUN PARTSDavid BordAssorted03/27/2017Details
6WTS - WW2 Boys Anti-Tank Rilfe T...Richard GarciaSPF03/26/2017Details
7M11 Magazines, Loader, Misc. Par...Bob Deter$260.0003/23/2017small camera iconDetails
8WTS - WW2 RUSCO Thompson Submach...Richard Garcia$250.0003/21/2017Details
9WTS - French 1921 Thompson Subma...Richard GarciaSPF03/21/2017Details
10Barrel threading services Thomas Liemohn$65 and up03/18/2017Details
11S&W Model 76 "Soumi" MagsBob DeterAll SPF03/17/2017small camera iconDetails
12Finnish Civil Guard Bergmann MP ...Lyman Brooks$85.0003/17/2017small camera iconDetails
13WTS - Thompson Submachine Gun Mo...Richard Garcia450.0003/12/2017Details
14WTB Lanchester 50rd MagazinesPreston FrayTBD03/07/2017Details
15WTS - WW2 British Thompson Subma...Richard GarciaSPF03/07/2017Details
16Wanted M10/ 9mm carbine barrel!Ruben Tacluban03/07/2017Details
1760mm M69 TP, LLC$85-$10003/07/2017small camera iconDetails
1860mm TRUMP, LLC $300-$350 03/07/2017small camera iconDetails
19S&W76 & MK760 PartsBWE Firearms & UziParts49.9503/06/2017small camera iconDetails
20Thompson Magazine, Seymour MfgWyoming Sports Distributor, Inc....50.0003/06/2017small camera iconDetails
21Thompson PartsMichael Freed03/01/2017small camera iconDetails
22FOR SALE: MG-15, MG 34, MG 42, Z...Michael Freed03/01/2017small camera iconDetails
23WTB: MP35 magsBlack River Militaria CII NaessTBD03/01/2017Details
244-Position Full-Auto Trigger par...E.A. Shelnutt$450.0002/28/2017small camera iconDetails
25Colt AR-15 select fire w/Ceiner ...E.A. Shelnutt$20,500.0002/28/2017small camera iconDetails
261919A4 1919 M1919 308 BARRELS NE...Thomas Lorenz10002/28/2017small camera iconDetails
27WTS BAR Belts and bandoleers $22...George Knott$22-$35002/28/2017Details
28WTS - 1928 Thompson SMG Wood Set...Richard Garcia$265.0002/26/2017Details
29WTS Smith & Wesson 76 Parts Paul Chandler02/26/2017Details
30WTS - 1929 Thompson Submachine G...Richard Garcia$485.0002/24/2017Details
31Alliance Arms 5.56 Mac 10 upperMatthew Stone260002/23/2017small camera iconDetails
32Mac10 partsMatthew Stone$50002/22/2017small camera iconDetails
3310mm MP5 Barrel Charles ErnstTBD02/09/2017Details
34THOMPSON BarrelDave Rosenfield$300.0002/06/2017small camera iconDetails
35Lightning Link Select Fire Trigg...Will BAny02/03/2017Details
36WTS: M855 5.56mmPhoenix Defence $35501/31/2017Details
37M2 barrels and cradlesRobert Veltrie$350- $50001/29/2017Details
38BAR 1918A2 mags and accessoriesDan LyonsAuctions01/29/2017small camera iconDetails
39SWD M11/9 SMG Parts KitAlexander BarnhartSOLD01/25/2017small camera iconDetails
40Sig Sauer MPX & 551 Magazine Blo...Acme Sports$38.95ea01/24/2017small camera iconDetails
41M79 rear ladder sight, complete ...Jon Shoop$55001/23/2017Details
42HK UMP Parts KitMary Gavin$749 plus shipping01/22/2017small camera iconDetails
43US Air Force Guided Missile Ship...Bob Deter$26001/19/2017small camera iconDetails
4408-15 Maxim,Sten,Uzi partsHoward Keearvaries01/17/2017Details
45M16 Oly Conversion Form 3tom kunkelSold - Thx!01/14/2017small camera iconDetails
46MP43/44 complete bolt and oprod ...Black River Militaria CII NaessTBD01/13/2017Details
47Huge Lot of MG Parts, Mounts, Ac...Acme Sports$14,50001/11/2017Details
48Erma EMP Parts KitHistoric Arms CorpTBD01/09/2017Details
49PKM barrels, original, NOS, + NO...Bob Bowmanvaries12/29/2016Details

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