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#CaptionNamePriceDate PostedExtras Details
1SilencerCO MAXIM9 - Available no...Greg Patton149904/26/2017Details
210% off - SilencerCO SilencersGreg PattonSALE04/26/2017Details
3HK, 33K, Double Push Pin, DyerRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$36,995.0004/26/2017small camera iconDetails
4MPK5-PDW, Double Push Pin, 4 Pos...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$38,995.0004/26/2017small camera iconDetails
5M11A1 with Accessories and Lage ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985Sold04/26/2017small camera iconDetails
6The big 3, M2, 240, 249 with ext...AZ EX45k04/25/2017Details
7Transferable H&K MP5K PDW Double...David Basha$45,000.0004/25/2017small camera iconDetails
81928 Thompson Sub Machine Gun Tombstone Trading Company, Inc.$23,99504/25/2017small camera iconDetails
9Colt M16A1, Excellent ConditionTombstone Trading Company, Inc.PENDING04/25/2017small camera iconDetails
10ER Maples M2HB .50cal Machine Gu...Pete JeffersonSPF04/25/2017small camera iconDetails
11Complete American 180 package fo...Jerry Sanders13,00004/24/2017Details
12Stemple 76/45Gary Swindler$8500.0004/24/2017small camera iconDetails
13WTB: 40mm gunsEddie Pireh?04/24/2017Details
14HK MP5A3 4 Position Pre May D.SDennis Scheid FFL/SOT$16,20004/24/2017small camera iconDetails
15American 180, Excellent Conditio...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$14,995.0004/24/2017small camera iconDetails
16***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert04/24/2017Details
17Metrotech M-60Mike Cotton38000.0004/23/2017small camera iconDetails
18Colt 1921 Thompson former Cranst...Robert McGhee$43k or $46k04/23/2017small camera iconDetails
19FOR SALE: Wilson Combat Whisper ...John Wells$75004/22/2017small camera iconDetails
20New Colt M16A2 Model 701 Machine...Dan Kassicieh and Dr. A. E. Haas49,500.0004/21/2017small camera iconDetails
21H&K MP7-A1 POST SAMPLE NEW IN BO...johnathan marcum11,000.00 OBO04/21/2017small camera iconDetails
22Rare, US Prop Marked, M231 Port ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$39,995.0004/21/2017small camera iconDetails
23Steyr, AUG-P, Pre-May Sales Samp...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$10,895.0004/21/2017small camera iconDetails
24Steyr, AUG-P, Pre-May Sales Samp...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$10,895.0004/21/2017small camera iconDetails
25M14 (M1A) Original Springfield A...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$18,495.0004/21/2017small camera iconDetails
26HK MP5A3, RR, Double Push PinRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$33,495.0004/21/2017small camera iconDetails
27DIAS, Like New, FWB&SRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$36,695.0004/21/2017small camera iconDetails
28Colt, 1921AC, ThompsonRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$43,995.0004/21/2017small camera iconDetails
29We Need Your Machine Guns!!!Frank Goepfert04/21/2017Details
30Ruger, AC556 with Choate FolderRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$9,895.0004/20/2017small camera iconDetails
31MP-40 9mm SALE PENDING**First Stop Guns1599504/20/2017small camera iconDetails
32DLO 1919 & Stemple *Sold Pending...Ray in Nebr14,500 & 4,60004/20/2017small camera iconDetails
33Uzi & M2 carbineRay in Nebr12,600 & 6,25004/20/2017small camera iconDetails
34AKS 74U 5.45x39mmCliff Sinon27000.0004/19/2017small camera iconDetails
35M1 Thompson Transferable MINT Ph...Bob Bower$20,00004/19/2017small camera iconDetails
36COLT M16A1 Factory CarbineJinAZ24,50004/19/2017small camera iconDetails
37M1 (M2) IBM Carbine, with Regist...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$10,995.0004/19/2017small camera iconDetails
38Beretta 38/42 with Historical Do...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 198512,995.0004/19/2017small camera iconDetails
39Sten, MKII, Charles Erb, Consecu...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$6,995.00 Each04/19/2017small camera iconDetails
40HK, MP5A3, SEF, Pre-May, “Keeper...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$15,995.0004/19/2017small camera iconDetails
41HK, MP5A3, 4-Position, Pre-May, ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$16,995.0004/19/2017small camera iconDetails
42AM-180, MasterKey KAC, etcCapital OrdnanceVaries04/19/2017small camera iconDetails
43C&R, Sten MKII, WWII BritishRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD04/19/2017small camera iconDetails
44WWII, British, Lanchester, MK1, ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0004/19/2017small camera iconDetails
45WTS Ivery Johnson M2Jeff p650004/19/2017Details
46DLO Browning 1919A4Chris B$18,50004/18/2017small camera iconDetails
47M11/9 with lage mk2 and many ext...Kyle Wilson9000.0004/18/2017Details
48Very Nice Pre-Dealer Sample Mode...Mark Northup14,50004/18/2017Details
49WWII, British, Sten, MKII “Keepe...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD04/18/2017small camera iconDetails
50Valmet M62/S 7.62x39mmCliff Sinon28000.0004/17/2017small camera iconDetails
51Swedish K 9mm SMGCliff Sinon18000.0004/17/2017small camera iconDetails
52US Marked M16a2's NO LETTER!Frank Goepfert04/17/2017Details
53!!!!!WE NEED YOUR MACHINE GUNS!!...Frank Goepfert04/17/2017Details
54WTS: German MG 34 Exc. Cond. BSW...Ken JensenSold pending Funds04/16/2017Details
55SWD M11 w/ lage and CAC9Dean Hendrix7400.0004/16/2017Details
56Uzi, M10, M11, StempleFrank GoepfertSEE AD04/15/2017Details
57Thompson, MP40, M16, Micro UziFrank GoepfertSEE AD04/15/2017Details
58M16, Thompson, G3, AK47Frank GoepfertSEE AD04/15/2017Details
59Transferable FN FAL, Rare Singap...Inverse Firearms$16,99504/15/2017small camera iconDetails
60FN, FAL, “Keeper” Pre-May, Excel...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$8,495.0004/14/2017small camera iconDetails
61M10, .45 ACP, Powder Springs w/L...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$8,495.0004/14/2017small camera iconDetails
62Rare, HK33KA2, “Keeper” Pre-May,...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD04/14/2017small camera iconDetails
63HK33A2, “Keeper” Pre-May, Excell...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$9,995.0004/14/2017Details
64HK, MP5A2, “Keeper” Pre-May, Exc...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$15,995.00 each04/14/2017Details
65HK, MP5A2, “Keeper” Pre-May, Exc...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$15,995.0004/14/2017small camera iconDetails
66Colt M16 A1EdREDUCED make offer04/14/2017small camera iconDetails
67HK G3, FN FNC, RDTS MP5SDIan CoburnSee Ad04/13/2017Details
68C&R, MP44, SturmgewehrRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985Sold04/13/2017small camera iconDetails
69WWII, C&R, M1 Thompson, Bridgepo...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$26,995.0004/13/2017small camera iconDetails
70WTB Transferable PPSHCory SaboAny04/13/2017Details
71IMI, Uzi, Pre-May, “Keeper” Exce...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,895.0004/13/2017small camera iconDetails
72IMI, Uzi, Pre-May, “Keeper” Exce...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,895.0004/13/2017small camera iconDetails
73M1 (M2) Carbine, PlainfieldRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$6,995.0004/13/2017small camera iconDetails
74FNC Sear Installed in a Folder F...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$14,495.0004/13/2017small camera iconDetails
75***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert04/13/2017Details
76Two Gemtech UMP .45 Silencers Us...Spreadfire Arms750.00 each04/12/2017small camera iconDetails
77RARE 1918A2 WINCHESTER Pre-May B...SPS$22,150.0004/12/2017Details
781918A2 ROYAL PRE-MAY BAR 3006SPS$17,900.0004/12/2017Details
79CZ 805 Bren A1 14" Post-86 DSSpreadfire Arms2675.0004/12/2017small camera iconDetails
80PRE-MAY WALTHER MPLSPS$7700.0004/12/2017Details
81TRANSFERABLE 1919A4 DLO MG 308ca...SPS$22, 575.0004/12/2017Details
82Transferable C&R MG34 TankerMarksman Shooting Sports$34K04/12/2017small camera iconDetails
83Benelli M1 Super 90 SBSSteven Douglass$62504/12/2017small camera iconDetails
84Suppressors, Demo, .22 calSteven DouglassSee ad04/12/2017small camera iconDetails
85Suppressors, miscSteven Douglass$100/ 304/12/2017small camera iconDetails
86Suppressors, Demo, 9mmSteven DouglassSee ad04/12/2017small camera iconDetails
87Colt M16 Excellent ConditionBob Deter$24,75004/12/2017small camera iconDetails
88Suppressors, 9mm FA ratedSteven DouglassSee ad04/12/2017small camera iconDetails
89Suppressors, Demo, 45 calSteven DouglassSee ad04/12/2017small camera iconDetails
90Suppressors, Demo, 5.56/ .223 Steven DouglassSee ad04/12/2017small camera iconDetails
91Beretta, MP38/42, 9mmRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$12,495.0004/11/2017small camera iconDetails
92Springfield Armory M1a M14 upgra...Daniel Schmidt2200004/10/2017small camera iconDetails
93Madsen M-50James Olague9k-OBO04/10/2017small camera iconDetails
94***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert04/10/2017Details
95Colt Model 601 C&R M16 Bill D.$30K04/09/2017small camera iconDetails
96SWD M-11 SMG 9MM in boxBRIAN BORG7350.0004/09/2017small camera iconDetails
97WTB Tippmann M2HB or Mini 1919A4...Scott TTBD04/08/2017Details
98Powder Springs M-10/9 with AWC M...K.C.$6,000.0004/07/2017small camera iconDetails
99Auto Ordnance Bridgeport 1928A1Ike Ziros$22,000.0004/06/2017small camera iconDetails
100C&R, Sten MKII, WWII BritishRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$10,995.0004/06/2017small camera iconDetails
101MK760, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$6,895.0004/06/2017Details
102MK760, Brand New in BoxRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,695.0004/06/2017small camera iconDetails
103MK760, Brand New in BoxRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,695.0004/06/2017small camera iconDetails
104MP5 Fleming RR Double Push Pin 4...C. roberts33,00004/06/2017small camera iconDetails
105DLO, Sten MKIIRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$6,995.0004/06/2017small camera iconDetails
106Colt M16, Rifle, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$29,995.0004/06/2017small camera iconDetails
107IMI, Uzi, Registered Receiver, E...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$15,495.0004/06/2017small camera iconDetails
108M10, .45 ACP, Powder Springs, Ex...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0004/06/2017small camera iconDetails
109***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert04/06/2017Details
110Vickers Beltfed Machine Gun w/Tr... Clemco$18,500.0004/05/2017small camera iconDetails
111C&R, Armalite, AR18 with Scope, ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD04/05/2017small camera iconDetails
112German, WWII, MP40, C&R, 9mm MP4...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$22,995.0004/05/2017small camera iconDetails
113Thompson 1928, C&R, Excellent w/...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$20,695.0004/05/2017small camera iconDetails
114M37, 30-06, Tank Gun, NEW, Saco/...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD04/05/2017small camera iconDetails
1151917 Lewis Gun U S Navy IssueSS Firearms$34,000.0004/04/2017small camera iconDetails
116EIGHT MG's & More - $80,000M6 Corporation80,00004/04/2017small camera iconsmall movie iconDetails
117H&K MP7-A1 POST SAMPLE NEW IN BO...johnathan marcum11,000.00 OBO 04/04/2017small camera iconDetails
118Exquisite 1928 West Hurley Thomp...M6 Corporation23,50004/04/2017small camera iconsmall movie iconDetails
119Cobray M11/9 Voere-22Patrick Preston800004/03/2017Details
120Colt M16 A1James Gough25,000.0004/03/2017Details
121***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert04/03/2017Details
122WTB HK M320Eddie Pireh???04/01/2017Details
123WTS HK 416A5 10.4' kitsEddie PirehCall/email03/31/2017Details
124Colt, AR15, Selective Fire, Exce...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD03/31/2017small camera iconDetails
125Cobray M11/9Curtis Jenkins7600.0003/31/2017Details
126Colt M16A2, NIB with AccessoriesRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$33,995.0003/31/2017small camera iconDetails
127WTB: 40mm gunsEddie Pireh?03/31/2017Details
1281928A1, Thompson, Bridgeport, Ex...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$26,995.0003/30/2017small camera iconDetails
12940+ NFA ITEMS AT AUCTION - JAMES...JOHN KEENELIVE BID03/30/2017small camera iconDetails
130ARES MCR below MAP! SOLD SOLD...Florida Ammo Traders2800.0003/30/2017small camera iconDetails
131Frank Goepfert03/30/2017Details
1321928, Thompson, Bridgeport, Exce...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$26,995.0003/30/2017small camera iconDetails
133SWD, AR15, Auto Link and Host Gu...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD03/30/2017small camera iconDetails
134SWD, AR15, Drop in Connector, “A...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$14,695.0003/29/2017small camera iconDetails
135Colt M16A1, RifleRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$29,995.0003/29/2017small camera iconDetails
136M2 “Enforcer” . 30 Carbine, Iver...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$6,995.0003/29/2017small camera iconDetails
137MP5A3 with Fleming Sear & SEF Tr...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD03/29/2017small camera iconDetails
1381928, C&R, Thompson, 9 Mags, Dru...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$20,995.0003/29/2017small camera iconDetails
139Walther, MPL, Pre-May SampleRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,795.0003/29/2017small camera iconDetails
140WTS Silencers! Thomas Liemohn$400 and up03/29/2017Details
141WTS used Aero Precision M16 lowe...Thomas Liemohn$320 shipped03/29/2017Details
142HK MP5 Registered ReceiverJohn Anderson$3200003/28/2017small camera iconDetails
143HK, G3 with Qualified Sear, Dyer...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD03/28/2017small camera iconDetails
144M10, 9mm, Powder Springs, Excell...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0003/28/2017small camera iconDetails
145Clayco 762x39 AK47, Fleming Conv...Jonathan Clapp22,995 OBO03/28/2017small camera iconDetails
146Colt 21/28 High Shooter GradeRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD03/28/2017small camera iconDetails
147MP5K-PDW with Fleming Sear & SEF...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$41,995.0003/28/2017small camera iconDetails
148OOW 1928 / 1917A1 Water CooledChris Ott$22,00003/28/2017Details
149MP5K-PDW with Fleming Sear 4 Pos...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD03/28/2017small camera iconDetails
150HK German MP5 Fleming SBREric Pechacek7500.0003/28/2017Details
151Benelli M4 .12ga SBS 14" IN STOC...Acme Sports$1850.0003/28/2017Details
152HK MP5K Reverse Stretch Register...Tom Charron35,000.03/27/2017Details
153HK MP5 10MM Registered Reciever ...Tom CharronSPF03/27/2017Details
154Colt M16A2 635 Factory Machine G...Tom Charron32,000. 03/27/2017Details
155HK33 Billistics registered recei...Tom Charron28,000.03/27/2017Details
156***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert03/27/2017Details
157MK760 SMG and SG9 Suppressed bar...David Lake$750003/27/2017small camera iconDetails
158MPK, AK47-22, MK22, Ruger 10/22Frank GoepfertSEE AD03/26/2017Details
159Thompson, Uzi, MP40, M16, M11Frank GoepfertSEE AD03/26/2017Details
160Fleming Sear, HK G3, Sten Para, ...Frank GoepfertSEE AD03/26/2017Details
161Uzi, MG08, MP5SD, MP40, HK FBI B...Frank GoepfertSEE AD03/26/2017Details
162MP5, UMP45, Uzi, Ruger 10/22, GS...Frank GoepfertSEE AD03/26/2017Details
163Post Sample PKM Light Machine Gu...Andy Williams$600003/25/2017Details
164Post Sample M60 by StempleAndy Williams$6500.0003/25/2017Details
165NIB COLT M16-A1 Machine GunKramer AuctionAuction03/24/2017small camera iconDetails
166Wilson, Sten MKII Tube, NEWRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$6,495.0003/24/2017small camera iconDetails
167Wilson, Sten MKII Tube, NEWRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$6,495.0003/24/2017small camera iconDetails
168M10, .45 ACP, Powder Springs, Ex...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0003/24/2017small camera iconDetails
169SWD, M11, 9mm, in Box, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0003/24/2017small camera iconDetails
170NIB M10A1A - 9mm SMGJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$7,590.00 Shipped03/24/2017small camera iconDetails
171Unfired HK53A3 SBR by DyerJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$7,950.00 Shipped03/24/2017small camera iconDetails
172Mossberg 20ga AOW, 8" Barrel Sho...Jim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$975.0003/24/2017small camera iconDetails
173M10, 9mm, Powder SpringsRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0003/24/2017small camera iconDetails
174North American NAA-22 Magnum AOW...Jim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$499.00 Shipped03/24/2017small camera iconDetails
175IMI, Uzi Host with B&G Registere...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD03/24/2017small camera iconDetails
176New Unfired Bushmaster SBR LowerJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$399.0003/24/2017small camera iconDetails
177Colt 6933 & 9mm Beltfed SBRJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$2,495.00 Shipped03/24/2017small camera iconDetails
178HK 3-GUN Pkg. DYER/QUALIFIEDJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$55,000.00 Shipped03/24/2017small camera iconDetails
179HK-MP5K-PDW DYER/FLEMINGJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$40,950.00 Shipped03/24/2017small camera iconDetails
180Upgraded G3 R/R Fleming/DyerJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$20,750.0003/24/2017small camera iconDetails
181MP5A3 Dealer SampleJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams***SOLD***03/24/2017small camera iconDetails
182HK53A3 Dealer SampleJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$9,950.0003/24/2017small camera iconDetails
183HK Fleming Sear in 4-position Bu...Blake Bain$31,00003/24/2017small camera iconDetails
184MG-74 ( Post Sample ) No Law Let...Pete$12,000.0003/23/2017small camera iconDetails
185Factory MAG 58 ( Post Sample ) N...Pete$16,000.0003/23/2017small camera iconDetails
186Hungarian PKM, Post Sample No La...Pete$12,000.0003/23/2017small camera iconDetails
187Hungarian PKM, Post Sample No La...Pete$13,000.0003/23/2017small camera iconDetails
188WTS transferable pps 50 with dru...Tom Claggett$10.00003/23/2017Details
189Pre May 1918A2 BARPeter Crowell$1000003/21/2017small camera iconDetails
190Thompson, 1928 w/Drum, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$20,695.0003/21/2017small camera iconDetails
191Thompson, M1A1, Pre-May, U.S. Pr...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$16,495.0003/21/2017small camera iconDetails
192Thompson M1, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$20,695.0003/21/2017small camera iconDetails
193!!!!!WE NEED YOUR MACHINE GUNS!!...Frank Goepfert03/20/2017Details
1941943 MP40 Transferable C&Rshawn christian1750003/19/2017Details
195poly tech ak 47 mint under fold ...Bryan Christiansen31000 SPF03/19/2017Details
196H&K MP7-A1 POST SAMPLE NEW IN BO...johnathan marcum $11,000.00 OBO 03/18/2017small camera iconDetails
197HK Fleming Sear, Dbal A Infrared...Frank GoepfertSEE AD03/18/2017Details
198MP40, M16, M11, G3 Sear Gun, Fle...Frank GoepfertSEE AD03/18/2017Details
199MG08, MP5SD, Thompson, Maxim, Uz...Frank GoepfertSEE AD03/18/2017Details
200Bushmaster and Aero SBR'sThomas LiemohnLower price! $500 ea03/18/2017Details
201Barrel threading services Thomas Liemohn$65 and up03/18/2017Details
202HK MP7A1 Cameron Tapler11,00003/17/2017small camera iconDetails
203HK, MP5A3, Pre-May Sales Sample,...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$18,495.0003/16/2017small camera iconDetails
204Colt, M16, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$29,995.0003/16/2017small camera iconDetails
205HK Qualified Sear in SEF PackYoung SOLD SPF03/16/2017Details
206***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert03/16/2017Details
207Beretta, C&R, 38/42, 9mmRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$11,995.0003/15/2017small camera iconDetails
208M16, SGW / Metro Tech Converted ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$18,495.0003/15/2017small camera iconDetails
209AR15, Auto Link with Host GunRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$15,495.0003/15/2017small camera iconDetails
210M16, PAWS / OlympicRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD03/15/2017small camera iconDetails
211Reising Model 50 Late productionBrian Linde$620003/15/2017small camera iconDetails
212LMT 12" 40mm Rail Mount M203 & A...James Slaughter*SOLD*03/15/2017Details
213Colt M16 Excellent ConditionBob Deter$24,75003/15/2017small camera iconDetails
214Post Sample Guns AvailableJS SALES$1500.00+03/14/2017small camera iconDetails
215GoneYoung 03/14/2017Details
216UC9 Folding Machine GunRobert ForrestSPF03/14/2017Details
217Serbu Super Shorty SSS, 20 GA. M...Scott Womack*SOLD*03/13/2017Details
218Colt M16 Conversion/AR-15 select...E.A. Shelnutt18,700.0003/13/2017small camera iconDetails
219Mini Uzi- Vector 9mm w SilencerSam17,00003/13/2017small camera iconDetails
220M16 DIASJeff Alme$36,50003/13/2017small camera iconDetails
221***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert03/13/2017Details
222UZI Vector ArmsD & D Sports$13,75003/12/2017small camera iconDetails
223Colt M16A1 Michael Thompson$26.000.0003/12/2017small camera iconDetails
224Colt LE6921 SBRCODE 4, LLC$1,249.9903/12/2017small camera iconDetails
225HK Sear, Reising M50.Frank GoepfertSEE AD03/12/2017Details
226MP50, M16, M11, AC556Frank GoepfertSEE AD03/12/2017Details
227MG08, Maxin, Uzi, ThompsonFrank GoepfertSEE AD03/12/2017Details
228HK MP5SD, HK G3, M11, ThompsonFrank GoepfertSEE AD03/12/2017Details
229SAR-48 FN FAL "Jackhammer" Short...Austin Weber1700003/11/2017small camera iconDetails
230HK MP5 S&H Sear Pack - SPFLonnie TurneySPF03/11/2017Details
231Transferable M2HB .50 cal *NEW P...Oklahoma MachineGunsSPF03/11/2017small camera iconDetails
232H&K MP5 with rag. SearJim Clevenger4250003/10/2017Details
233Post Sample SCAR 16 CQC FDETom Lannon$SOLD03/10/2017small camera iconDetails
234Post Sample Sig 552Tom Lannon$SOLD03/10/2017small camera iconDetails
235Post Sample Glock 18CTom Lannon$SPF03/10/2017small camera iconDetails
236Cobray m11 9 smg (mac)Stephen Argonis800003/10/2017small camera iconDetails
2371921 1928 Colt Thompson Overstam...Tony M4299903/09/2017small camera iconDetails
238***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert03/09/2017Details
239WTB:Post 86 MP5SD Tim SeamanTBD03/07/2017Details
240WTB: MP40 C&R Eric N/A03/07/2017Details
241M2 60mm, LLC$600003/07/2017small camera iconDetails
242M240B Belt-fed 7.62x51, LLC$950003/07/2017small camera iconDetails
243FS Ruger SS KAC-556F Don Thibert12,00003/06/2017small camera iconDetails
244WTB: 40mm gunsMission Critical Firearms, LLCTBD03/06/2017Details
245Post MP5/40A2Mission Critical Firearms, LLC$180003/06/2017Details
246M11 / 9 Sub machinegun with LAGE...Don Thibert695003/06/2017Details
247H&R Reising M-55Chris Ott$9,99503/06/2017Details
248***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert03/06/2017Details
249GoneYoung Gone03/05/2017Details
250NO LETTER POST SAMPLES: Factory ...HPGSSOLD03/05/2017small camera iconDetails
251M16, AC556, MG34, M11Frank GoepfertSEE AD03/04/2017Details
252M11, Fleming HK Sear, 1928 Thomp...Frank GoepfertSEE AD03/04/2017Details
253MG08, UZI, AC556, Reising M50Frank GoepfertSEE AD03/04/2017Details
254Tippmann, Thompson, Uzi, etc....Frank GoepfertSEE AD03/04/2017Details
255HK MP5SDJoel BaillieNeg03/04/2017Details
256G.R.A.D. Knife Gun and StingerLucain MooreSOLD03/04/2017small camera iconDetails
257AK47 Hungarian FEG 7.62x39 *MINT...Young SOLD03/03/2017Details
258Ingram Mac 10 9mm POWDER SPRINGS...Blake Meaux$6,50003/03/2017small camera iconDetails
259RPB, M11A1, .380 ACP, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0003/03/2017small camera iconDetails
260HK, MP5SD, 4-Position, Excellent...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$18,495.0003/03/2017small camera iconDetails
261AK47, Polytech,  Underfolder, 7....Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD03/03/2017small camera iconDetails
262M10, 9mm, MAC, Powder Springs, E...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD03/03/2017small camera iconDetails
263Colt AR15A2, HBAR, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$22,995.0003/03/2017small camera iconDetails
264C&R, M1 Thompson, Bridgeport, Ma...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985Sold03/03/2017small camera iconDetails
265Vector UZI Registered Receiver Young SOLD SPF03/03/2017Details
266Ingram M10 9mm Powder SpringsTom KunkelREDUCED $695003/02/2017small camera iconDetails
267Pre May H&K MPK-PDW With Suppres...Michael Hulme25,00003/02/2017small camera iconDetails
268RP46 Beltfed Conversion KitTom KunkelSold Pending Funds03/02/2017small camera iconDetails
269Smith & Wesson Mod 76 C&R Form 3Tom KunkelSold Pending Funds03/02/2017small camera iconDetails
270HK SearRick B$35,00003/01/2017small camera iconDetails
271Sabre 556 upper for M11 9mmBrian PandisciaSPF03/01/2017Details
272WTS Sendra M16(Texas) $SPFRodney ReddixSPF03/01/2017Details
273M10, 9mm, Powder Springs, Excell...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0003/01/2017small camera iconDetails
274WTB: Transferable Franchi LF57 S...Inverse Firearms02/28/2017Details
275Colt M16A2 CarbineKevin CloughSold02/28/2017Details
2761919A4; Dolf Goldsmith's gunBlack River Militaria CII Naess$15K02/28/2017small camera iconDetails
277MG08/15; Dolf Goldsmith'sBlack River Militaria CII Naess$950002/28/2017small camera iconDetails
278M10A1, .45 ACP, Like NewRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,495.0002/28/2017small camera iconDetails
279Ruger, KAC556K, Stainless Folder...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD02/28/2017small camera iconDetails
280WTB Sterling MK4- Andrewski/DLODave Treutelaarnegiotable02/27/2017Details
281Transferable 1919A4/A6 $16,995 +...EA, Inc.$16,99502/27/2017small camera iconDetails
282FNC sear installed in Para folde...Jerry Hanifan1300002/27/2017Details
283Walther, MPK, Pre-May Sales Samp...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0002/27/2017small camera iconDetails
284M-11/NineJacob MackenzieTBD02/27/2017Details
285***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert02/27/2017Details
286EVO 3 A1 to Police DemoDaniel SharpTBD02/26/2017Details
287Yankee Hill M 57 SBR 223 & 9mm, ...John Torchia$2250, $199502/26/2017Details
288HKMR556-A1 SBRBob Margolis3595.0002/24/2017small camera iconDetails
289H&R Reising M50K. C.S.P.F.02/24/2017small camera iconDetails
290IMI / PAWS Uzi, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$15,495.0002/24/2017small camera iconDetails
291Colt M16A2 New in Box FORM 3BrianSPF02/23/2017small camera iconDetails
29257mm AT gun Live DDBob Bigando25,00002/22/2017small camera iconDetails
293Panzerschreck RPzB 54 Registered...Bob Bigando300002/22/2017small camera iconDetails
294PTRS 14.5MMBob BigandoSold 02/22/2017small camera iconDetails
295M11/9 Package Lage Upper Gemtech...Brian PatridgeSOLD02/22/2017small camera iconDetails
296Model R75A BARJon Carter$32,00002/22/2017small camera iconDetails
297Steyr, AUG-P, Pre-May Sales Samp...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$10,895.0002/22/2017small camera iconDetails
298Hungarian PKM Post SampleDann HamiltonSPF02/21/2017Details
299WTS: MP5 9mm and .40 S&W post sa...Mission Critical Firearms, LLC$1600-$180002/21/2017Details
300Ruger KAC556F Stainless Folder F...Brian Patridge$15000 OBO02/21/2017small camera iconDetails
301"Novem" 9mm bolt action carbines...Richard Brengman$750.00 up.02/21/2017small camera iconDetails
302IMI, Uzi, RR, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$14,995.0002/21/2017small camera iconDetails
303Intratec, KG99, 9mmRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$9,995.0002/21/2017small camera iconDetails
304M10, 9mm Powder SpringsRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD02/21/2017small camera iconDetails
305SWD, M11A1, .380 ACP, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0002/21/2017small camera iconDetails
306M10, 9mm, Powder Springs, Excell...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,996.0002/21/2017small camera iconDetails
307Mini UZI, Vector w/ SilencerSam17,00002/20/2017small camera iconDetails
308Machineguns for Sale - UZI, Stre...Frank Goepfertvarious02/20/2017Details
309Machineguns for SaleFrank Goepfertvarious02/20/2017Details
310Machineguns for Sale - Dealer Sa...Frank Goepfertvarious02/20/2017Details
311Machine Guns ReducedFrank Goepfertvarious02/20/2017Details
312Machineguns for Sale - ReducedFrank Goepfertvarious02/20/2017Details
313Machineguns for Sale - Reduced P...Frank Goepfertvarious02/20/2017Details
314H&K MP7-A1 POST SAMPLE NEW IN BO...Marcum Firearms Johnathan Marcum$11,000.00 OBO02/20/2017small camera iconDetails
315Build your own silencers and mac...Rick Peterson$35,00002/20/2017Details
316M10, 45ACP, Powder Springs, Exce...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0002/20/2017small camera iconDetails
317***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert02/20/2017Details
318M10A1, .45 ACP, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,495.0002/20/2017small camera iconDetails
319Thompson, 1928, .22 LR, Auto Ord...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD02/20/2017small camera iconDetails
320RLL Ready - Sun Devil Billet AR-...Kirk French$279.00 OBO02/20/2017small camera iconDetails
321Colt, AR15A2, Wilson Arms, Excel...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$22,995.0002/20/2017small camera iconDetails
322M11/9 package with Max-11 MK2Garrett Yancey8,50002/19/2017small camera iconDetails
323H&K Sear pack in SEF clip on low...Forest Barber$30,00002/17/2017small camera iconDetails
324Colt, M16A1, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD02/17/2017small camera iconDetails
325Vector full size UziAndy BlaschikSOLD02/17/2017Details
326Vector Uzi, Like NewRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD02/17/2017small camera iconDetails
327LaFrance, Machine Pistol, RareRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$29,995.0002/17/2017small camera iconDetails
328transferable 9mm stemple tube gu...Tom Claggett$7500.0002/16/2017Details
329Colt, SMG, NIB # HT000002, M16A2Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD02/16/2017small camera iconDetails
330Transferable Powder Springs Mac-...Sam Baker800002/15/2017Details
331Transferable Uzi Micro 9mmSam Baker2200002/15/2017Details
332UZI IMIJohn Schaaf$11,90002/15/2017small camera iconDetails
333Transferable M2HB .50 cal *NEW P...Oklahoma MachineGuns$29500 obo02/15/2017small camera iconDetails
334Rock Island/Sendra M16J KubliSOLD02/15/2017small camera iconDetails
335AK47 Hungarian FEG 7.62x39 AKMSYoungSOLD SPF02/15/2017small camera iconDetails
336M2 Carbine, Plainfield, Excellen...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD02/14/2017small camera iconDetails
337M3 Grease Gun, Guide lampRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD02/14/2017small camera iconDetails
338West Hurley 1928 Thompson 45 ACPJohn Schaaf$20,00002/14/2017small camera iconDetails
339M10A1, .45 ACP, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,495.0002/14/2017small camera iconDetails
340M10, .45 ACP. Powder Springs, Ex...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0002/14/2017small camera iconDetails
341M10A1, .45 ACP, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,495.0002/14/2017small camera iconDetails
342SWD, AR15, Lighting LinkRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD02/14/2017small camera iconDetails
343SWD, M11, 9mm, in Excellent Cond...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD02/14/2017small camera iconDetails
344M10A1, .45 ACP, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,495.0002/14/2017small camera iconDetails
345FNC ParaVirgil Davis1200002/14/2017small camera iconDetails
346WTS M1A1 Thompson C&R $25,000...Gun Mountain, LLC$25,00002/13/2017small camera iconDetails
347WTT: Pontiac GTO for registered ...Davy Keith15,00002/13/2017Details
348***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert02/13/2017Details
349POWDER SPRINGS M10 9mmBlake Meaux$750002/12/2017small camera iconDetails
350Amnesty Original Winchester M14 Joe D38950.0002/10/2017small camera iconDetails
351MAC11 9mm LAGE F3 John ShedioSOLD02/10/2017small camera iconDetails
352Clearance Sale! Discounted Price...Frank Goepfertvarious02/09/2017Details
353Clearance Sale! Discounted Price...Frank Goepfertvarious02/09/2017Details
354Clearance Sale! Discounted Price...Frank Goepfertvarious02/09/2017Details
355Post 86 No Law Letter Collection...Frank Goepfert02/09/2017Details
356Machine Gun Collection For Sale ...Frank Goepfertvarious02/09/2017Details
357Machine Gun Collection For Sale ...Frank Goepfertvarious02/09/2017Details
358Machine Gun Collection For SaleFrank Goepfertvarious02/09/2017Details
359Machine Gun Collection For SaleFrank Goepfertvarious02/09/2017Details
360Machine Gun Collection For SaleFrank Goepfertvarious02/09/2017Details
361M11 9mmTracy GarwoodSOLD02/09/2017small camera iconDetails
362WWII, C&R, Thompson M1, .45 ACP,...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$26,995.0002/09/2017small camera iconDetails
363American 180 Semi + Suppressed B...Scott MillsSPF02/09/2017small camera iconDetails
364NIB M11A1, NIB Lage UpperJon Shoop$950002/08/2017small camera iconDetails
365Ithaca, M3A1, C&R, Grease Gun, E...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD02/08/2017small camera iconDetails
366Colt M16, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$29,995.0002/08/2017small camera iconDetails
367Ares MCR061KM Belt Fed Upper Del...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$4,195.0002/06/2017small camera iconDetails
368HK, G3 with Fleming Sear, Dyer, ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$37,995.0002/06/2017small camera iconDetails
369***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert02/06/2017Details
370MG 08/15 Maxim Beltfed C&RAren DelaSPF02/06/2017small camera iconDetails
371H&K MP7-A1 POST SAMPLE NEW Trade...Marcum Firearms Johnathan Marcum12,000 OBO02/04/2017small camera iconDetails
372New M79 Receiver,ShivakT&F Firearms3900.0002/03/2017small camera iconDetails
373Cobray M11 9mm SMG w/ ExtrasInverse FirearmsSPF02/03/2017small camera iconDetails
374M2 Carbine Conversion Kit, Sendr...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD02/02/2017small camera iconDetails
375Fleming HK Sear + 4 pos Ambi tri...Mark Blair3500002/01/2017small camera iconDetails
376Colt M16 A1EdREDUCED make offer01/31/2017small camera iconDetails
377Machine guns auctions ending soo...Frank Goepfertvarious01/31/2017Details
378Machine guns for sale - Get them...Frank Goepfertvarious01/31/2017Details
379HK53 w/ Fleming packJorge Corbato $34000.0001/31/2017small camera iconDetails
380MKE MP5SD A2 SBRRobert Ahrens5200.0001/30/2017Details
381SuppressorsRobert AhrensVaries01/30/2017Details
382Colt 1921 Thompson former Cranst...Robert McGhee$44k or $48k01/30/2017small camera iconDetails
383***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert01/30/2017Details
384American 180, Remarkable Conditi...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD01/30/2017small camera iconDetails
385Cobray / SWD M11 / 9mm NEW IN BO...Brandon BensonSOLD01/30/2017small camera iconDetails
386Swedish "K" Wilson Transferable ...Brian LindeSPF 01/29/2017small camera iconDetails
387RUGER AC556 Blued Folder w/ Acc.Brian LindeSPF 01/29/2017small camera iconDetails
388IMI, Mini UZI, 9mm w/ BG Bolt, E...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$17,995.0001/27/2017small camera iconDetails
389Enfield, Bren, MK1, LMG, Transfe...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$48,995.0001/27/2017small camera iconDetails
390Thompson, M1 BridgeportRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$25,995.0001/27/2017small camera iconDetails
391IMI, Uzi, RR, Wilson Arms, Excel...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$15,995.0001/27/2017small camera iconDetails
392FNC Sear Installed in a Folder F...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$14,495.0001/27/2017small camera iconDetails
393S&W 76, C&R, 9mm, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$14,495.0001/27/2017small camera iconDetails
394HK, 53A3, RR, Fleming/Dyer, Exce...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$28,995.0001/27/2017small camera iconDetails
395Poly Tech AK 74 5.45x39mmCliff Sinon24000.0001/26/2017small camera iconDetails
3961910 RUSSIAN MAXIMJonSPF01/26/2017small camera iconDetails
397Short Barrel Shotguns In StockAcme SportsVaries01/26/2017Details
398Pre Sample WII AUSTEN SMGInverse FirearmsSOLD01/25/2017small camera iconDetails

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