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#CaptionNamePriceDate PostedExtras Details
2Vickers Beltfed Machine Gun Clemco$16,995.0005/31/2017small camera iconDetails
3MAC10 .45ACP (2 Available)Aaron Short6500/580007/17/2017small camera iconDetails
4Transferable UZI Bolt GunAcme Sports$11,500/SOLD05/30/2017small camera iconDetails
5Short Barrel Shotguns In StockAcme SportsVaries07/20/2017Details
6Silencers In Stock Ready To Tran...Acme SportsVaries06/08/2017Details
7Benelli M4 .12ga SBS 14" IN STOC...Acme Sports$1850.0006/26/2017Details
8Sig Sauer SRD9-MPX Silencer RAREAcme Sports$60006/08/2017small camera iconDetails
9Ghost Wind GW9 series silencersAmerican Manufacturing500.00ea07/23/2017small camera iconDetails
10WTB MP40 in good conditionAndreas05/05/2017Details
11Olympic Arms M16Andrew Guenther21,995.0006/05/2017small camera iconDetails
12Colt M16Armed Response25,000.0007/07/2017small camera iconDetails
131921 AC Colt ThompsonB RevSOLD07/14/2017small camera iconDetails
14HK 33K SBR, HK G3K SBR, M2 HB 50...Barry Brelsford06/08/2017small camera iconDetails
15Transferable Colt SP1 M16 Ceiner...Ben D1850006/27/2017small camera iconDetails
16Colt Model 601 C&R M16 Bill D.$26,50007/24/2017small camera iconDetails
17Reisings, Striker, 08/15Black River Militaria CII NaessListed05/31/2017small camera iconDetails
18Transferable S&H FNC Folder on F...Bob Lowrance$15,00007/27/2017small camera iconDetails
19Colt M4 Commando 11.5" M16 5.56 ...Bret Millet / B&R Guns999.0006/18/2017small camera iconDetails
20Factory BushMaster AR-15 SBRBrian Linde$75005/16/2017small camera iconDetails
21Unfired NIB Vector/Group UziBrian C1540007/13/2017small camera iconDetails
22Unfired NIB Vector/Group mini UZ...Brian C 1880007/13/2017small camera iconDetails
23Ruger AC-556 Transferable Factor...Brian Morris$10,75007/27/2017small camera iconDetails
24Lage Max-11kBrian Pandiscia$75007/20/2017Details
25S&H FNC sear--reduced priceBrinker Supply10,00005/29/2017Details
26S&H HK searBrinker Supply$32,000.06/25/2017Details
27S&H FNC searBrinker Supply$9750.0006/25/2017Details
28trans STGU9 - Stemple 76.45BRP CORP$11,80005/27/2017small camera iconsmall movie iconDetails
29trans STG1928 - Stemple 76.45BRP CORP$1170005/27/2017small camera iconsmall movie iconDetails
30Mauser 712 Schnellfeuer 99% Pre ...Bruce SeilerSOLD05/23/2017small camera iconDetails
31German MP-28 II Pre-May Keeper 9...Bruce SeilerSOLD05/23/2017small camera iconDetails
32COLT 1921 THOMPSON C Drum 98% Bruce SeilerPending Sale05/23/2017small camera iconDetails
33AR10 Dutch AI Mfg. Pre 86 Keepe...Bruce SeilerSOLD05/23/2017small camera iconDetails
34Browning 1917-A1 Water-cooled M....Bruce Seiler C3 Since 1979$19,500.0005/30/2017small camera iconDetails
35Hotchkiss Portable .303 Belt & S...Bruce Seiler C3 Since 1979$14,000 obo06/19/2017small camera iconDetails
36Armalite AR-18 Fully Transferabl...Bruce Seiler C3 Since 1979Pending Sale06/19/2017small camera iconDetails
37HK MP7A1Cameron Tapler$10,00007/18/2017small camera iconDetails
38Hk 33 Billistics Inc RRMGCharles Ernst$29,00007/02/2017small camera iconDetails
39H&K 94 SBRChesterfield Armament$7950.0007/06/2017small camera iconDetails
40M1 Thompson Auto Ordnance Bridge...Chesterfield ArmamentSPF05/09/2017small camera iconDetails
41Glock G18C's!! *REDUCED*Chris Johnson$5,500 each05/20/2017small camera iconDetails
42Rare Colt DOE 9mm UpperClemcoSPF07/19/2017small camera iconDetails
43Lahti 20mm L-39 Anti Tank RifleClemco$15,000.0006/13/2017small camera iconDetails
44IMI UZI Carbine w/Registered B&G...Clemco$15,000.0007/07/2017small camera iconDetails
45FJ Volmer HK 51 SBR NIB !Clemco$7,950.0006/22/2017small camera iconDetails
46AK47 Pre May Sample Type 56D Scheid FFL/SOTSOLD07/26/2017small camera iconDetails
47STREET SWEEPER 12ga NIBD Scheid FFL/SOT$1,46507/18/2017small camera iconDetails
48UZI pre-may sample, nice!D Scheid FFL/SOT$6950.0007/09/2017small camera iconDetails
49Mp40 gsg post sample conversionDan Black$50006/26/2017Details
50Steyr AUG Weapons System Pre-198...Dan Kassicieh and Dr. A. E. Haas60,000.0005/04/2017small camera iconDetails
51New Colt M16A2 Model 715 Machine...Dan Kassicieh and Dr. A. E. Haas45,000.0004/29/2017small camera iconDetails
52XMG34 M16 AR15 8mm Beltfed UpperDan Reffitt$4200.0006/03/2017small camera iconDetails
53Powder Springs Mac 10/45.Daniel McElroy6100.0006/15/2017Details
54AMT Lighntiing 25/22 Dann HamiltonAuction05/09/2017Details
55THOMPSON WEST HURLEYdarwin edwards$18,00007/22/2017Details
56WTB:Transferable micro UziDave PawlikawskiTBD05/13/2017Details
57WTB: Transferable MP5 in 10mmDave PawlikowskiTBD05/13/2017Details
58WTB:Transferable 50 cal Ma DuceDave PawlikowskiTBD05/13/2017Details
59For Sale M16, S&W 76 w/Suppresso...David BashaVaries05/11/2017small camera iconDetails
60Transferable Machine Guns: MP5K,...David Bashavaries07/21/2017small camera iconDetails
61Pre 86 Dealer Samples Beretta 93...David Basha45,000.0007/25/2017small camera iconDetails
62HK MP5-SD or MP5-N TransferablesDavid Kohrn3799006/29/2017small camera iconDetails
631928 THOMPSON W/DRUMS & MAGAZINE...David M. Okinaga$24,99505/23/2017small camera iconDetails
64COLT M16A1David M. Okinaga$26,90005/23/2017small camera iconDetails
65MAC RPB 10-A1 9mm Original Lage ...Davy Keith7,200.0005/08/2017small camera iconDetails
66Transferable FN M240 Deborah McCallum219,99907/16/2017Details
67M11 A1- 380Don Sheckles7,00007/20/2017small camera iconDetails
68H&K G3Don Wyatt$17,50004/30/2017small camera iconDetails
69COLT M16 A1Don Wyatt$29,99504/30/2017small camera iconDetails
70Carl Gustav M-45 Swedish KDoug Oefinger$7,500.0005/30/2017Details
71Browning Automatic RifleDoug Oefinger$13,000.0005/30/2017Details
72Browning 1919A4Doug Oefinger$18,500.0005/30/2017Details
73UZI pre-may sample nice!Dscheid FFL/SOT$6950.0005/16/2017small camera iconDetails
74New HK53 SBR Clubfoot Dscheid FFL/SOT$6950.0005/19/2017small camera iconDetails
75Colt M-16/AR-15 w/free suppresso...E.A. Shelnutt$16,900.0004/30/2017small camera iconDetails
76Remington 870 MCS LE System/ Bur...Eddie Pireh$130007/08/2017small camera iconDetails
77Powder Springs MAC-10 with Suppr...Edward PurcellSPF06/12/2017small camera iconDetails
78H&K MP5 A3 UNFIRED DOUBLE REGIST...Edward Solomon$39,99507/18/2017Details
79Jersey Mac - M10 .45 Edwin Clements$7,50005/18/2017small camera iconDetails
80SBS IAC MODEL 1887 12 GA. LEVER ...Elite Iron65006/29/2017small camera iconDetails
81PRICE LOWERED FN G-1 PRE-MAY Sal...Elite Iron730005/18/2017small camera iconDetails
82PRE MAY IMI UZIElite Iron750006/29/2017small camera iconDetails
83WTB C&R MP40 Eric N/A05/04/2017Details
84WTB MP40 C&R Eric 05/31/2017Details
85WTB MP40 C&R Eric 05/25/2017Details
86Ingram MAC 10 in 9mm plus Suppre...Eric Jackson6,750.0006/14/2017small camera iconDetails
87ClosedEric Leta007/09/2017small camera iconDetails
88M11, MP5, MP5SD, HK21Frank GoepfertSEE AD07/07/2017Details
89***!!! We Need Your Machine Guns...Frank Goepfert06/22/2017Details
90HK53, M10, M16, M2, Japanese Lew...Frank GoepfertSEE AD06/02/2017Details
91***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert07/20/2017Details
92***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert06/05/2017Details
93***!!! We Need Your Machine Guns...Frank Goepfert07/10/2017Details
94***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert07/27/2017Details
95M2, MP5, M16, ThompsonFrank GoepfertSEE AD05/28/2017Details
96Colt M16, MP40 C&R, FN FAL, Uzi,...Frank GoepfertSEE AD07/16/2017Details
97MK760, MPK, AK47, HK53, Ruger Si...Frank GoepfertSEE AD07/07/2017Details
98Colt LMG, HK MP7-A1Frank GoepfertSEE AD06/10/2017Details
99***!!! We Need Your Machine Guns...Frank Goepfert06/12/2017Details
100***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert06/08/2017Details
101M2, M10, Japanese Lewis GunFrank GoepfertSEE AD05/28/2017Details
102M16, Reising, MP40, FALFrank GoepfertSEE AD05/06/2017Details
103MP5, MPK Sample, HK Pack, Sten, ...Frank GoepfertSEE AD07/16/2017Details
104PPSH41, MK5K SBR, M4 Post Sample...Frank GoepfertSEE AD07/07/2017Details
105M16, Reising, MP40, Stemple, MPKFrank GoepfertSEE AD05/14/2017Details
106***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert07/17/2017Details
107***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert05/04/2017Details
108Uzi, M2, MP5, M16, ThompsonFrank GoepfertSEE AD06/02/2017Details
109***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert05/15/2017Details
110***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert05/25/2017Details
111FAL, M2, Japanese Lewis Gun, M10...Frank GoepfertSEE AD05/14/2017Details
112Lewis Gun, M16, MK760, Thompson,...Frank GoepfertSEE AD06/10/2017Details
113***!!! We Need Your Machine Guns...Frank Goepfert06/15/2017Details
114***!!! We Need Your Machine Guns...Frank Goepfert06/26/2017Details
115Thompson, M11, MP40, MP5, Mini U...Frank GoepfertSEE AD06/10/2017Details
116***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert06/01/2017Details
117!!!!!WE NEED YOUR MACHINE GUNS!!...Frank Goepfert07/03/2017Details
118***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert07/13/2017Details
119***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert05/01/2017Details
120M16, M50, MPK, UziFrank GoepfertSEE AD06/02/2017Details
121***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert05/22/2017Details
122***!!! We Need Your Machine Guns...Frank Goepfert07/06/2017Details
123MP5SD, M249, Thompson, M2, Beret...Frank GoepfertSEE AD05/21/2017Details
124M16, MPK, FAL, M2Frank GoepfertSEE AD05/21/2017Details
125***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert05/30/2017Details
126Mini Uzi Sample, M11, MP5, MP5SD...Frank GoepfertSEE AD07/16/2017Details
127***!!!We Need Your Machine Guns!...Frank Goepfert07/24/2017Details
128FAL, M16, Reising, MPKFrank GoepfertSEE AD05/28/2017Details
129Frank VanPaepeghem05/18/2017small camera iconDetails
130Pre May MP5 in Beautiful conditi...Grey Iron Armory12,75007/01/2017Details
131Pre May MP5, A2 with SEF with su...Grey Iron Armory13,75005/12/2017Details
132Smith & Wesson MOD. 76Hamilton & SonsAuction05/09/2017Details
133Guide Lamp M3 Grease GunHamilton & SonsAuction05/09/2017Details
134Group IND. UZI 22/9MM/45Hamilton & SonsAuction05/09/2017Details
135Post sample M2HB/ FN 249 saw Hamilton & Sons10,000/8,00007/16/2017Details
136M1 bridgeport thompson c&rHugh Dobbins20k06/29/2017small camera iconDetails
137WTS Fleming MP5A3 RRIke Ziros$27,995.00 SPF05/29/2017small camera iconDetails
138EDM ARMS Windrunner 408 with Eli...Ike ZirosCash/Trade06/03/2017small camera iconDetails
139MAC-10 Powder Springs 45Ike Ziros$6,995.0005/29/2017small camera iconDetails
140COLT SPORTER II AR15A2/TTI LV NVIke Ziros$20,000.00 SPF05/29/2017small camera iconDetails
141H&K G3 Push PinIke Ziros$23,500.00 OBO06/07/2017small camera iconDetails
142NIB Orig. Discont. S&W SBR M4 Ca...Inverse Firearms$99507/19/2017small camera iconDetails
143Pre Sample IMI Uzi 9mmInverse FirearmsAuction, No Reserve07/20/2017small camera iconDetails
144Pre Walther MPL & MPK 9mm SMG!Inverse FirearmsAuction, No Reserve07/20/2017small camera iconDetails
145Swedish K M45 W/Many mags etc.Irving FalkoffWithdrawn06/08/2017small camera iconDetails
146HK 33 PRE MAY Ivan Shapiro$13995.00 shipped07/07/2017small camera iconDetails
147CALICO MODEL M960-A Post-86 deal...Ivan Shapiro$1195.0007/06/2017small camera iconDetails
148Olympic Arms M16 "shortty" $950 ...Ivan Shapiro$950 shipped07/27/2017small camera iconDetails
149H&K Lower Post86 dealer sampleIvan Shapiro-Northern Maine Tact...$50007/27/2017small camera iconDetails
150Colt M16 A1James Gough23K07/25/2017Details
151Stemple BRP STG 76 9mm takedown ...James R$11800.0006/04/2017small camera iconDetails
152Ruger 10/22 - Norrell with Norre...James R$2250006/15/2017small camera iconDetails
1531928 Savage Commerical SMG C&RJames R48750.0006/05/2017small camera iconDetails
154Browning M2HB .50BMG machinegun ...James R$33995.0006/01/2017Details
155French Chatellerault FM Mle 24/2...James R$19995.0006/01/2017small camera iconDetails
156SilencerCO Omega 30 - 10% off & ...JB Tactical82506/07/2017small camera iconDetails
157MAC 10/45 with Lage Upper! Grea...Jeff Randall$7000.0007/09/2017small camera iconDetails
158Ingram M10 A1 cal 9mm/45 acpJerry Hanifan6495.0005/24/2017small camera iconDetails
159Upgraded G3 R/R Fleming TDyerJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$20,750.0006/08/2017small camera iconDetails
160Excellent Sear Ready HK21 TDyerJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$14,950.0006/08/2017small camera iconDetails
161NIB M10A1A - 9mm SMGJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$7,590.0005/31/2017small camera iconDetails
162Excellent M11/9 & CAC-9 CanJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$7,850.0006/30/2017small camera iconDetails
163Upgraded G3K Push-Pin RR Fleming...Jim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$25,950.00 Shipped07/19/2017small camera iconDetails
164Excellent HK21 GPMG TDyer Plus E...Jim Corby @ Side Arm Sams***SOLD***06/09/2017small camera iconDetails
165MAC/RPB M10/9mm SMGJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$7,250.0005/31/2017small camera iconDetails
166HK 3-GUN Pkg. Qualified/TDyerJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$55,000.00 Shipped06/09/2017small camera iconDetails
167MAC/RPB M11-.380 SMGJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$7,575.0005/31/2017small camera iconDetails
168Unfired HK53A3 SBR by DyerJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams**SOLD**06/08/2017small camera iconDetails
169MAC/RPB M11/.380 W/SuppressorJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$ 7,875.0005/31/2017small camera iconDetails
170CMMG MK4-AR15 SBR 10.3" FF Full ...Jim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$895.0006/09/2017small camera iconDetails
171Excellent HK21 GPMG TDyerJim Corby @ Side Arm Sams$32,750.00 Shipped06/08/2017small camera iconDetails
172Ruger AC556 Jim Potter$990005/22/2017Details
173Smith Wesson 76 with Gemtech sup...Joe GouldSold05/13/2017small camera iconDetails
174HK MP5, Registered Receiver John Anderson$26,00007/15/2017small camera iconDetails
175SIG MPX SBR NIB ELITE CERAKOTE B...John Baersold06/13/2017small camera iconDetails
176SBS SAGA Alliance Armament 10" N...John Baer1099.0007/19/2017small camera iconDetails
177Colt LE6991 9mm 10.5" Barrel Rif...John BaerSOLD05/05/2017small camera iconDetails
178MOSSBERG 8'' 500 AOW COMPACT CRU...John Baer475.0007/21/2017small camera iconDetails
179Pre sample special receiver AUG ...John Springle$ 16,500.0005/30/2017Details
180Ruger AC556FJon Carter$980007/10/2017Details
181Stemple 76/45Jon CarterREDUCED! See Ad06/23/2017small camera iconDetails
182SUPPRESSORS!Jon Carter(Varies)06/14/2017Details
183Suppressed Remington 1911 R1 w/ ...Jonathan Jewell$110007/01/2017small camera iconDetails
184HK MP5SD3 DEALER SAMPLEJS SALES, LLC3495.0005/22/2017small camera iconDetails
185SWD RLL with Host Guns & Accesso...Justin Sitz$17,50005/23/2017small camera iconDetails
186Full Size Group Industry Uzi Clo...Justin Sitz14000.0005/22/2017small camera iconDetails
187Ruger AC556-K package K.C.SPF06/06/2017small camera iconDetails
188M16LMG / Auto ConnectorKeith Walsh$20,00007/08/2017small camera iconDetails
189Vollmer MP5-A2 Qualified Sear fr...Kenneth Martin$37,90007/13/2017small camera iconDetails
190SOLD-Action Arms IMI Model A ful...Kevin Kirkpatrick10,750-SOLD05/22/2017small camera iconDetails
191Integral Ruger Mark IV PistolKyle FlynnVaries04/29/2017small camera iconDetails
192Integrally Suppressed M&P 15-22Kyle Flynn899.0004/29/2017small camera iconDetails
193Browning 1919A4 308 Larry Smith$23,50005/13/2017small camera iconsmall movie iconDetails
194C&R Browning Automatic Rifle (BA...Larry Smith$40,00005/14/2017small camera iconsmall movie iconDetails
195RPB M10/9 OverstampLewman Arms800007/24/2017small camera iconDetails
196Stemple 76/45 and Burgess Suppre...Lewman Arms700005/08/2017small camera iconDetails
197WTS: Colt M16, $24.7KM. Black$24,700.0007/22/2017Details
198C&R Maxim from WWIM6 Corporation$12,50006/06/2017small camera iconsmall movie iconDetails
199Exquisite 1928 West Hurley Thomp...M6 Corporation23,50006/06/2017small camera iconsmall movie iconDetails
200WWII Twin Watercooled 50 Museum ...M6 Corporation$275,00006/06/2017small camera iconDetails
201America's WWI Heavy MachinegunM6 Corporation$25,00006/06/2017small camera iconDetails
202 1928 WH Thompson Submachine GunM6 Corporation$22,50007/13/2017small camera iconsmall movie iconDetails
203100 Year Old German Heavy Maxim M6 Corporation$25,00006/06/2017small camera iconsmall movie iconDetails
204Thompson Clone $6,000 fully tran...M6 Corporation$6,00006/06/2017small camera iconDetails
205Ingram-MAC Machinegun collectionM6 Corporation$80,00006/06/2017small camera iconsmall movie iconDetails
206Powder Springs MAC 10 .45 NIBMachineguns PlusSOLD05/05/2017small camera iconDetails
207Erb Sterling tube gun 9mm SOLDMachineguns PlusSOLD07/04/2017small camera iconDetails
208Wilson Arms MP40 9mm SchmeisserMachineguns Plus$14,25007/04/2017small camera iconDetails
209M2HB .50 MachinegunMario LozziSee ad for NEW trade05/28/2017small camera iconDetails
210Post Samples, KRISS Vector DSA O...Mark Cook$175007/16/2017small camera iconDetails
211HK 53 - T. Dyer/Fleming Sear/4 P...Mark in Dallas3650007/09/2017small camera iconDetails
212Japanese Type 96 Transferable C&...Marksman Shooting Sports$11,70006/25/2017small camera iconDetails
213Transferable MG34 Tanker C&RMarksman Shooting Sports35K05/15/2017Details
214MG34 Tanker C&R TransferableMarksman Shooting SportsSOLD06/08/2017small camera iconDetails
215MP40 C&R Transferable BNZ StyerMarksman Shooting SportsSOLD06/06/2017small camera iconDetails
216MP40 ERB Tube GunMichael ThompsonSold05/26/2017small camera iconDetails
217Colt M16A1Michael Thompson$24,50005/26/2017small camera iconDetails
218No letter Dealer samplesmike cottonsee add07/18/2017Details
219HK UMP 40 calMike Klos2,000,0007/13/2017Details
220Ruger AC556K Transferrable 13" B...Mike Tilley11,00006/28/2017small camera iconDetails
221WTB Imported 40mm guns and Pre M...Mission Critical Firearms, LLC?07/07/2017Details
222WTB 40mm Destructive DevicesMission Critical Firearms, LLC?06/21/2017Details
223NO LETTER REQUIRED - POST SAMPLE...Mississippi Auto ArmsINSIDE06/06/2017small camera iconDetails
224MAC-10 RPB Subgun, Excellent Con...Perry Hayes$7,50005/30/2017small camera iconDetails
225WTB: NO LAW LETTER POST SAMPLE A...Qualified Arms07/19/2017Details
226Ingram M6 Police Model .45 SMGRichard Brengman$9,00006/05/2017small camera iconDetails
227HK SearRick BSPF05/27/2017small camera iconDetails
228Ultimate M-16 M-4 Transferable o...Rick Metzelder$20,00006/30/2017small camera iconDetails
229Ultimate M-16 / M-4Rick Metzelder$22,50005/30/2017Details
230Drop In Auto Sear - Post Sample ...Rob Hanosh32504/28/2017small camera iconDetails
231THREE NOVESKE JOHNNY RIFLES (NIB...Rob Patridge$3895.00 (Each)06/05/2017small camera iconDetails
232Colt M16 A1Robby Chandler$27,500.0006/29/2017small camera iconDetails
233Post Sample Machine GunsRobert BruceVaries07/18/2017small camera iconDetails
234 M10/45 PS Subgun, NIB, @ $SOLDRobert S. Nemec / Nemec Ltd.$SOLD 05/15/2017Details
235M11A1 .380 acp Subgun, SOLDRobert S. Nemec / Nemec Ltd.$SOLD 05/23/2017Details
236M10/45 PS Subgun, NIB, ALL SOLD.Robert S. Nemec / Nemec Ltd.$ALL SOLD06/19/2017Details
237Valmet M82 Bullpup (Rare Find) w...Robert Shelley$13,000/each05/24/2017small camera iconDetails
238Colt M16, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$29,995.0007/26/2017small camera iconDetails
239IMI, Uzi, RR, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$14,995.0005/17/2017small camera iconDetails
240Police Ordnance, Ingram, Model 6Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/05/2017small camera iconDetails
241M10A1, .45 ACP, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,495.0005/09/2017small camera iconDetails
242Thompson, M1A1, Pre-May, U.S. Pr...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$16,495.0006/12/2017small camera iconDetails
2431928, Thompson, Bridgeport, Exce...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$26,995.0006/23/2017small camera iconDetails
244Steyr, AUG-P, Pre-May Sales Samp...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD06/30/2017small camera iconDetails
245S&W 76, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$13,995.0007/20/2017small camera iconDetails
246Walther, MPK, Pre-May Sales Samp...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0005/22/2017small camera iconDetails
247MP38/42 Beretta, C&R, 9mmRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$12,495.0007/24/2017small camera iconDetails
248M10, 9mm, Powder SpringsRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0006/22/2017small camera iconDetails
249M14 (M1A) Original Springfield A...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$18,495.0007/14/2017small camera iconDetails
250M10A1, .45 ACP, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,495.0005/09/2017small camera iconDetails
251IMI / PAWS Uzi, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$15,495.0005/19/2017small camera iconDetails
252SWD, M11A1, .380 ACP, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0005/17/2017small camera iconDetails
253WWII, MG34Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/29/2017small camera iconDetails
254M10, 9mm, Powder Springs, Excell...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0005/24/2017small camera iconDetails
255Ruger, AC556 with Choate FolderRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$9,895.0007/13/2017small camera iconDetails
256J15A2 (M16) EA Company, Excellen...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$18,995.0007/25/2017small camera iconDetails
257SWD, M11, 9mm, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/19/2017small camera iconDetails
258FNC Sear 4-Pos, Straight & Folde...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$16,995.0007/13/2017small camera iconDetails
259DIAS, Aluminum, Upgraded by M60J...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$34,995.0007/12/2017small camera iconDetails
260Thompson, C&R, 1928AC, Bridgepor...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/12/2017small camera iconDetails
261Beretta, MP38/42, 9mmRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD07/03/2017small camera iconDetails
262Rare, FAL, “G Series” 7.62mm Rif...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD06/09/2017small camera iconDetails
263Thompson M1, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$19,995.0005/24/2017small camera iconDetails
264M16, Frankford Arsenal, 1 of 50,...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$19,995.0005/26/2017small camera iconDetails
265HK, MP5A3, Navy, S&H Sear, Dyer,...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$39,995.0005/15/2017small camera iconDetails
266Colt M16, Rifle, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$29,995.0006/30/2017small camera iconDetails
267WWII, C&R, Thompson M1, .45 ACP,...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/04/2017small camera iconDetails
268M1 Thompson, Bridgeport, C&R, Ma...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$26,995.0007/24/2017small camera iconDetails
269Colt, AR15A2, Wilson Arms, Excel...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$22,995.0005/15/2017small camera iconDetails
270MK760, 9mm, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,495.0007/21/2017small camera iconDetails
271American 180, Excellent Conditio...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$14,995.0007/17/2017small camera iconDetails
272XM15E2, (M16), Sendra / Busmaste...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/15/2017small camera iconDetails
273Ruger, 10/22 S&H/Norrell w/Suppr...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985Sold05/12/2017small camera iconDetails
274HK, MP5A3, SEF, Pre-May, “Keeper...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$15,995.0007/12/2017small camera iconDetails
275HK, G3K, S&H Sear, Dyer, Excelle...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$37,995.0005/19/2017small camera iconDetails
276MP38/42 Beretta, C&R, 9mmRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$12,495.0007/25/2017small camera iconDetails
277FNC Sear Installed in a Folder F...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$15,995.0007/13/2017small camera iconDetails
278M1 (M2) Carbine, PlainfieldRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$6,995.0007/05/2017small camera iconDetails
279SWD, M11A1, .380ACP, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/19/2017small camera iconDetails
280Colt AR15, 9mm Carbine, SWDRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/04/2017small camera iconDetails
281Ramo, 1919A4, .308 with Tripod T...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/04/2017small camera iconDetails
282Sten, MKII, DLO, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$6,995.0005/19/2017small camera iconDetails
2831928A1, Thompson, Bridgeport, Ex...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$26,995.0006/23/2017small camera iconDetails
284M2 Carbine, Plainfield, Excellen...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$6,995.0007/25/2017small camera iconDetails
285NEW, HK, 4-Position Trigger Pack...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD07/07/2017small camera iconDetails
286M10, .45 ACP, Powder Springs, Ex...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0007/14/2017small camera iconDetails
287Voere 2005/1 by SWDRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$6,895.0005/23/2017small camera iconDetails
288Colt, SMG, 9mm, R0635, NIBRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$33,995.0007/20/2017small camera iconDetails
289Valmet 78, .308, Excellent Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$20,495.0005/26/2017small camera iconDetails
290C&R, Sten MKII, WWII BritishRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$10,995.0006/30/2017small camera iconDetails
291M10, .45 ACP, Powder Springs, Ex...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0006/29/2017small camera iconDetails
292Colt M16A2, Commando, NIBRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$33,995.0007/24/2017small camera iconDetails
293Beretta, C&R, 38/42, 9mmRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$11,995.0006/07/2017small camera iconDetails
294DLO, Sten MKIIRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$6,995.0006/29/2017small camera iconDetails
295Ares MCR061KM Belt Fed Upper Del...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$4,195.0005/02/2017small camera iconDetails
296M10, .45 ACP Power Springs with ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$8,295.0006/12/2017small camera iconDetails
297S&W 76, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$13,995.0007/21/2017small camera iconDetails
298M10, 9mm, Powder Springs, Excell...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD06/22/2017small camera iconDetails
299HK, MP5A2, “Keeper” Pre-May, Exc...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$15,995.00 each07/07/2017small camera iconDetails
300Sten, MKII, Charles Erb, Consecu...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$6,995.00 Each07/12/2017small camera iconDetails
301HK, MP5A3, 4-Position, Pre-May, ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$16,995.0007/12/2017small camera iconDetails
302DIAS, Like New, FWB&SRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/18/2017small camera iconDetails
303S&W 76, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$13,995.0007/24/2017small camera iconDetails
304WWII, British, Lanchester, MK1, ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0007/12/2017small camera iconDetails
305S&W 76, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$13,995.0007/20/2017small camera iconDetails
306M16, SGW / Metro Tech Converted ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$18,495.0006/09/2017small camera iconDetails
307Thompson M1, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$19,995.0005/25/2017small camera iconDetails
308M10, .45 ACP. Powder Springs, Ex...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0005/09/2017small camera iconDetails
309SWD, M11, 9mm, 12 Sten Mags & Lo...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0007/20/2017small camera iconDetails
310IMI, Uzi, Pre-May, “Keeper” Exce...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,895.0007/05/2017small camera iconDetails
311MP5KPDW, Amazing, Loaded,  SBR, ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$41,995.0007/19/2017small camera iconDetails
312M2 “Enforcer” . 30 Carbine, Iver...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD06/23/2017small camera iconDetails
313M10A1, .45 ACP, Like NewRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,495.0005/23/2017small camera iconDetails
314HK, G3 with Fleming Sear, Dyer, ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/02/2017small camera iconDetails
315Steyr, AUG-P, Pre-May Sales Samp...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$10,895.0007/27/2017small camera iconDetails
316M14, Rifle, Smith Enterprises Or...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/29/2017small camera iconDetails
317Beretta 38/42 with Historical Do...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD07/12/2017small camera iconDetails
318M10, 45ACP, Powder Springs, Exce...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/15/2017small camera iconDetails
319HK53, Qualified Sear, Dyer, Exce...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$38,995.0007/27/2017small camera iconDetails
320M16A1, Stainless Receiver, Group...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD07/19/2017small camera iconDetails
321MK760, Brand New in BoxRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD06/30/2017small camera iconDetails
322HK, MP5A2, “Keeper” Pre-May, Exc...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$15,995.0007/07/2017small camera iconDetails
323M10A1, .45 ACP, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/15/2017small camera iconDetails
324Steyr, AUG-P, Pre-May Sales Samp...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$10,895.0005/17/2017small camera iconDetails
325S&W 76, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$13,995.0007/14/2017small camera iconDetails
326MP5SD-A3, S&H Sear, Suppressed, ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$41,995.0005/15/2017small camera iconDetails
327M10, 9mm, Powder Springs, Excell...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0007/20/2017small camera iconDetails
3281919A4, Catco, 7.62mm, Tripod, P...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$19,495.0007/21/2017small camera iconDetails
329MK760, Brand New in BoxRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD06/29/2017small camera iconDetails
330MPK5-PDW, Double Push Pin, 4 Pos...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$38,995.0007/19/2017small camera iconDetails
331FN, FAL, “Keeper” Pre-May, Excel...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$8,495.0007/07/2017small camera iconDetails
332DIAS, Steel, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985Sold05/18/2017small camera iconDetails
333Auto Link & Colt AR15, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/19/2017small camera iconDetails
334M14, Rifle, Smith Enterprises, T...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD07/14/2017small camera iconDetails
335FN, FAL, Para Trooper, 7.62mm NA...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/26/2017small camera iconDetails
336Walther, MPL, Pre-May SampleRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD06/22/2017small camera iconDetails
337M10, .45 ACP, Powder Springs, Ex...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,995.0006/22/2017small camera iconDetails
338Thompson 1928, C&R, Excellent w/...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$19,995.0005/24/2017small camera iconDetails
339American 180, Tuned by Val Coope...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$14,995.0005/19/2017small camera iconDetails
340German, WWII, MP40, C&R, 9mm MP4...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$22,995.0006/28/2017small camera iconDetails
341HK, 33K, Double Push Pin, DyerRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$36,995.0007/19/2017small camera iconDetails
342Intratec, KG99, 9mmRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$9,995.0005/17/2017small camera iconDetails
343Inland, M2 Carbine, Pre-May “Kee...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$6,995.0006/12/2017small camera iconDetails
344J15 (M16) SAW Inc, Roger Small, ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$18,995.0007/24/2017small camera iconDetails
345MP40, Wilson, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985Sold05/05/2017small camera iconDetails
346M10A1, .45 ACP, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,495.0005/09/2017small camera iconDetails
347IMI, Uzi, Registered Receiver, E...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$15,495.0007/11/2017small camera iconDetails
348M2, C&R Carbine, Inland, Div GM,...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD06/12/2017small camera iconDetails
349Thompson, 1928 w/Drum, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/25/2017small camera iconDetails
350M2 Carbine, US GI, Standard Prod...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$10,995.0006/12/2017small camera iconDetails
351HK, MP5K-PDW, Fleming Sear, Dyer...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD05/15/2017small camera iconDetails
352IMI, Uzi, Pre-May, “Keeper” Exce...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,895.0007/05/2017small camera iconDetails
353Steyr, AUG-P, Pre-May Sales Samp...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$10,895.0007/21/2017small camera iconDetails
354Rare, US Prop Marked, M231 Port ...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$39,995.0007/14/2017small camera iconDetails
3551919A4, 7.62mm NATO, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$19,995.0007/25/2017small camera iconDetails
356HK, MP5A3, Pre-May Sales Sample,...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$18,495.0006/08/2017small camera iconDetails
3571928, C&R, Thompson, 9 Mags, Dru...Ruben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985SOLD06/22/2017small camera iconDetails
358M10A1, .9mm, ExcellentRuben Mendiola * C3 Since 1985$7,495.0007/01/2017small camera iconDetails
359C&R Rock-ola M1/2 Carbine with p...Ryan Brindley$1150006/23/2017small camera iconDetails
360WTS HK MP5 k PDW demo marked Pri...Sam Edwards$21,50006/20/2017small camera iconDetails
361Erb MP40, TransferableSchluder Shots$12,50006/30/2017small camera iconDetails
362Bulk MAC Style RRs ScottTBD07/23/2017Details
363Transferable Full-Auto IMI/Vecto...Scott Conklin1650007/21/2017Details
364Transferable Full-Auto IMI/Vecto...Scott Conklin1650007/20/2017Details
365Frankford Arsenal XM-177Scott Mills$20,00006/30/2017small camera iconDetails
366Hi-Standard HDMS OSS Pistol Supp...Shooting Supplies$219906/29/2017small camera iconDetails
367Post Sample Machine-gunsSouth Texas Tactical06/28/2017small camera iconDetails
368NO LETTER Post sample FN SCAR 17Spencer Ross800007/25/2017small camera iconDetails
369NO LETTER Post sample MP5K PDWSpencer Ross$800007/25/2017small camera iconDetails
370STERLING MK IV 9MM ON A FORM 4Steve Brown11750.0006/14/2017Details
371UNDERWOOD M-2 OVERSTAMP FORM 4Steve BrownSPF06/18/2017Details
372Browning M37 1919 Pre-Sample Min...Steve Jenkinssold pf06/23/2017small camera iconDetails
373Stemple 76/45Steve Nugent**SOLD**07/06/2017small camera iconDetails
374Unfired, All Original M16A1Steve Nugent**SOLD**07/01/2017small camera iconDetails
375PAWS ZX-5 SterlingSteve Nugent**SOLD**07/11/2017small camera iconDetails
376HK21E RRSteve Nugent$42,50007/03/2017small camera iconDetails
377H&R M14 Colt Thompson M16 SW76Subgun OrdnanceNEW PRICES07/18/2017small camera iconDetails
378WTB Gemtech TrekThomas LiemohnNegotiable05/14/2017Details
379Pre-86 IMI Arm Galil in 556Thomas StewartSPF05/26/2017small camera iconDetails
380Colt Thompson 1921/28 Navy Overs...Tim Heuiser49995.0005/11/2017small camera iconDetails
381Armalite AR180, Fully Transferab...Tom $16,499.9905/18/2017small camera iconDetails
382Original WW2 OSS HDMS Spy Pistol...Tom Kunkel$3500005/25/2017small camera iconDetails
383Ingram M10 9mm Powder SpringsTom KunkelSold Pending Funds04/29/2017small camera iconDetails
384AO Thompson M1 C&R WWII Arsenal ...Tom LannonSOLD06/13/2017small camera iconDetails
385Post Sample G36 Rifle w/ Dual Op...Tom Lannon$295006/27/2017small camera iconDetails
386Post Sample P90 w/ SuppressorTom Lannon$SPF06/27/2017small camera iconDetails
387Rare Micro UZI Pistol Tom's Class 3$28,999.9905/18/2017small camera iconDetails
388Thompson M1, Auto Ordnance, West...Tom's Class 3$21,499.9505/19/2017small camera iconDetails
389Thompson M1, Auto Ordnance, West...Tom's Class 319,999.9507/07/2017small camera iconDetails
390Rare Micro UZI PistolTom's Class 327,999.9907/07/2017small camera iconDetails
391AK-47 Converted by La France Spe...Tom's Class 333,800.0006/21/2017small camera iconDetails
392MAC-10 9MM WITH SUPPRESSORTom's Class 3$7,899.9906/09/2017small camera iconDetails
393MAC-10 9MM WITH SUPPRESSORTom's Class 37,499.9907/07/2017small camera iconDetails
394 Armalite AR180, Fully Transfera...Tom's Class 315,499.9907/07/2017small camera iconDetails
395Smith & Wesson 76 Machine GunTom's Class 3SOLD05/19/2017small camera iconDetails
396COLT THOMPSON 1921/28 NAVY OVERS...Troy Guidry37000.0005/21/2017small camera iconDetails
397Japanese Experimental Type 96/99US Armament Corp$9,500.0007/07/2017small camera iconDetails
398.303 British Vickers w/ Accessor...US Armament Corp$14,75007/25/2017small camera iconDetails
399.303 British Vickers w/ Accessor...US Armament Corp$16,000.0007/07/2017small camera iconDetails
4001895 US Marked Marlin DiggerUS Armament Corp$11,000.0007/07/2017small camera iconDetails
401STAR Machine Pistol in .38US Armament CorpPENDING07/07/2017small camera iconDetails
402Transferable 1928 ThompsonUS Armament CorpSale Pending07/25/2017small camera iconDetails
403Vector Uzi SPFVirgil Davis$11,50005/10/2017small camera iconDetails
404HKMP5N converted from early HK94William Franklin$800006/10/2017small camera iconDetails
405M1 Thompson, U.S. Military WWII,...William PriceSOLD05/03/2017small camera iconDetails
406SAIGA .410 Ga Short Barrel Shotg...William PriceSPF06/03/2017small camera iconDetails
407M-10, Military Armament Corp. Po...William PriceSOLD05/04/2017small camera iconDetails
408St. Louis Arms Co. Double Barrel...William PriceSOLD06/03/2017small camera iconDetails
409M-134 Mini-Gun DS NO DEMO LETTER...Wyoming Sports Distributor, Inc.SOLD05/07/2017small camera iconDetails

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